Catch Up On Old News

Mayor: More Tax Reform. But We Need More Than Half Measures01/26/05
Site-A-Sign Contest Offers Up To $500 To Tax Reformers01/13/05
Down Goes The Wage Tax! Knock out the Philly Tax Monster!12/29/04
Philadelphia Forward Wins "Pepperpot" Public Relations Award12/04/04
The Push For Tax Reform In The News11/30/04
No City Limits: The Story Of Tax Reform In Philadelphia11/08/04
Download An "Eliminate The BPT" Sign10/29/04
The Push For Tax Reform In The News (10/26)10/24/04
The Push For Tax Reform In The News (10/19)10/18/04
Survey: City On Wrong Track; Candidates Who Are For Tax Reform Receive Votes10/18/04
The Push For Tax Reform In The News (10/12)10/12/04
The Push For Tax Reform In The News (10/5)10/04/04
The Push For Tax Reform In The News09/24/04
Daily News Editorial Says Yes Tax Reform No Summit09/14/04
Washington Post Lauds Philadelphia Forward's Use Of Technology08/30/04
Push for Tax Reform Going Strong Through Summer07/25/04
The Call To Reserve New Revenues To Fund Tax Reform Gets Louder07/20/04
Philadelphia Forward: Reserve New Revenues To Fund Tax Reform07/14/04
Inquirer Column Praises The Progress Of The Push For Tax Reform07/11/04
Inquirer Editorial -- One More Push For Tax Reform06/24/04
Victory (again)! Councilmembers Blackwell, Clarke, Mariano, Miller, Ramos & Reynolds Brown vote NO06/21/04
Daily News Gives Tax Reform One More Boost06/18/04
Tax Reform Update -- 4,000 Faxes Say No To Budget Chaos, Yes To Tax Reform06/16/04
Tax Reform Update -- Council Offers Compromise; Tax Reform Back in Play06/11/04
National/Local Editorials Push Tax Reform; Pressure Council's Enigmatic Eight06/09/04
Tax Reform Results (for now) Some Good, Some Bad, Some Ugly06/01/04
VICTORY FOR TAX REFORM; Veto Threatened05/31/04
Inquirer Editorial Challenges Council Members Goode, Ramos, Cohen, and Reynolds Brown05/30/04
Tax Reform For Philadelphia Passes First Vote05/25/04
Inquirer; Chamber Support Gives Tax Reform Big Boost05/19/04
Limerick Contest Winner Announced05/17/04
Philadelphia Forward Offers Testimony Before City Council05/09/04
Tax Reform Challenge Press Release (May 3, 2004)05/09/04
Limerick Contest Press Release (May 4, 2004)05/09/04
Philadelphia Media: All Tax Reform All The Time05/07/04
Inquirer: Tax Reform Vital To City's Survival04/23/04
Tax Reform Push Focuses On City Council Legislation04/17/04
Tax Reform Rally Generates Media Coverage And Momentum For Change04/15/04
Philadelphia Daily News Calls For Tax Reform04/15/04
Philadelphia Inquirer Focuses On Tax Rally/Tax Reform04/14/04
Philadelphia Forward Plans Tax Day Events04/06/04
Philadelphia Business Journal Focuses on Push For Tax Reform04/05/04
Philadelphia Foward Featured On Radio Times03/30/04
Philadelphia Forward Reacts To The Mayor's Tax Reform Proposals03/21/04
Web Site Launch Press Release (March 17, 2004)03/17/04
Mayor Street Joins Call For Tax Reform03/10/04
Mayor Street's Transition Team Endorses Tax Reform03/09/04