Tax Reform In Perspective Forum

Please join other members of the constituency for change for an exciting event:
Wednesday, November 19th
7:00-8:30 pm

Tax Reform In Perspective Forum

Hosted by The Atwater Kent Museum of Philadelphia

Former Mayor John F. Street and Philadelphia Forward Executive Director Brett Mandel review the history of tax reform given their unique perspectives on recent debates; and discuss the future of tax reform given uncertainty in the international economy.

As played out in the local media, the tax-reform battles of recent years were fights between those who wanted to slash city taxes perhaps at the expense of city services opposed by those who wanted to protect the city budget perhaps at the expense of attracting and retaining jobs in Philadelphia.  In short hand, the fights were often cast as Philadelphia Forward’s Brett Mandel calling for tax cuts and Mayor Street claiming the city could not afford them.  

Of course, the "battles" waged over tax reform issues are much more complex.  The Tax Reform In Perspective Forum offers an opportunity to delve deeper into the matter and address the role Philadelphia Forward’s advocacy played in tax-reform debates as well as Mayor Street’s complicated legacy as both the biggest tax cutter in Philadelphia history and an opponent of tax reform during the many battles waged in recent years. 

It promises to be an enlightening and engaging event!

The Atwater Kent Museum of Philadelphia
15 South 7th Street

no charge - refreshments will be served

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