Inquirer Demands Tax Reform; Daily News Slaps Tax Flip-Floppers

The Philadelphia Inquirer editorial board (May 15) demanded that the Mayor and City Council make tax reform a priority in the city budget saying, "If your priority is to cut a tax burden that is choking the life from your city, you find a way to do it."  Read the full editorial.  Tom Ferrick followed up with a great column that concluded, "Either we get jobs and people or we die...Any civic leader who ignores that fact isn't offering leadership.  He's offering hospice care."  Read the full column.

The Philadelphia Daily News editorial board (May 14) reiterated its strong stance in favor of tax reform and lashed out at the flip-floppers who have tempered their enthusiasm for tax reform.  Read the full editorial.

And special thanks to South Philadelphia's A-List Promotions for helping spread the word that Philadelphia needs tax reform now.  A-List is a growing company that Philadelphia needs to keep, but taxes threaten to chase them out of the city.