Hearing To Eliminate The Business Privilege Tax Set

There is great news to report on the push for tax reform! Legislation (bill 040767) to implement the Tax Reform Commission's recommendation to incrementally eliminate the job-killing Business Privilege Tax by fiscal year 2017 will have a public hearing on: 

Wednesday, February 16th at 1:00 pm - Room 400 City Hall

Here is what you can do to help make sure that this crucial piece of legislation gets a fair hearing and a favorable recommendation so we can eliminate this awful tax and grow jobs in Philadelphia.

  • Come to City Council to show your support — Bring a crowd! Empty the store and the office for the afternoon and show yourself. Philadelphia Forward will testify, but City Council needs to see the face of tax reform, the employers who struggle to survive and the workers who need their jobs, to understand that eliminating the BPT is not about corporate welfare...it is about neighborhood business survival and jobs to put food on the table of neighborhood families. I know it is a work day and that Council forces the public to meet them on their terms, but this is our chance to show support.
  • Sign up to testify in favor of this important legislation — City Council needs to understand that this bill will benefit small and growing neighborhood businesses across the city — contact Anita Massara-Levin at 215.686.7740 to be placed on the list to give testimony or call me at 215.563.3881 and I will be happy to coordinate your appearance.

Tell City Council:

  • We need true tax reform, not half-measures. Let them know we need to implement the Tax Reform Commission's recommendation to eliminate the BPT. (click here to read more about it)
  • The BPT threatens businesses across Philadelphia. Let them know the BPT is a job-killing tax that is a major reason Philadelphia lost more than 10,000 jobs last year and that if the high tax cost of doing business in Philadelphia forces your business to move or fail, neighbors lose their jobs. (click here to read more about it)
  • The BPT hurts Philadelphia neighborhoods. Let them know how the BPT threatens businesses' ability to invest in the community, hire local workers, and grow. Tell them how accountants urge Philadelphia business owners to leave the city to reduce costs and that some years, businesses pay more to the city on April 15th than to the state or federal governments. (click here to use the BPT tax calculator to see the bite of the BPT)
  • Tax reform can't be all for some and none for all. Let them know that they have given tax breaks, incentives, and sweetheart deals to the fat cats all while imposing the nation's highest local business tax burden on neighborhood businesses. (click here to read more about it)

You can also help in the following ways:

  • Spread the word — forward this message to anyone you know to tell them about this important development…you can contact me at 215.563.3881 for brochures or “Eliminate The BPT” signs to distribute in your neighborhood.
  • Send a letter to your elected officials in support of tax reform todayand then call your district Council Member and all at-large members to let them know we need to eliminate the job-killing BPT.
  • Organize a delegation to meet with your Council Member and City Council’s At-Large members to be sure they understand your position on this issue.
  • Invite me to come speak at an organization meeting to tell you about the push for tax reform and answer any questions you might have.
  • Make a tax-deductible contribution to Philadelphia Forward to help us continue our important work (you can do so online at www.philadelphiaforward.org).
  • Visit www.philadelphiaforward.org for all the latest information on the push for tax reform and login as a member so you can access all our informational resources...or click here to send an email to City Council to let them know that we need true tax reform, not half-measures to move Philadelphia forward.