Philadelphia Inquirer (Again!) Calls For Tax Reform

Once again, the editorial board speaking for the grand gray lady of North Broad Street has weighed in on the tax reform debate, and -- once again -- The Philadelphia Inquirer has called for tax reform NOW!  The headline of the Saturday, March 12, 2005 lead editorial read: "City Tax Reform Show a stiff spine and act." The editorial recounts recent history, "Last fall, Mayor Street pulled together a glittering group of civic and business leaders, what his team called the 'best and brightest' in Philadelphia, to advise him on how to nurture the city's economy. Broken into several working groups, they traded ideas and deliberated on how best to do that. And they kept zeroing on one key step: Cut taxes.The Inquirer offers its latest call for tax reform admonishing: "And, remember, grimly preserving the status quo in this city, with its long-term trends of job and population loss, might be the riskiest strategy of all." (Full Editorial)