Run Of Positive Press For Philadelphia Forward

In recent weeks, Philadelphia Forward has received a number of significant positive mentions in the local media...

For those who’ve made donations to his Philadelphia Forward lobby, [Brett Mandel] has been a bargain, a one-man public relations army issuing endless barrages of anti-tax emails, pamphlets, faxes, quotes and opinion pieces; he also thinks up such stunts as inviting online visitors to pummel a cartoon taxman and offering the business privilege tax for auction on eBay.  (Philadelphia Magazine, UNDER THE RADAR, November 2005)

When the Institute for Politics, Democracy & the Internet gave its 2005 Golden Dot Award for the best local political campaign, Philadelphia Forward wasn’t even in the house….So we’ll have to celebrate them here and now.  (The Philadelphia Inquirer, Tax issues move Philadelphia Forward, October 22, 2005)


Citypaper 2005 Choice Award For “Most Playful Issues Campaign” — Brett Mandel, the director of Philadelphia Forward, is very, very sincere about Tax Reform: He sends out literally hundreds of e-mails railing against the city's failure to cut the hated business privilege tax. But the e-mails tend to have a lighthearted tone (a recent excerpt: "We got trouble … right here in the new River City! And that starts with a 'T,' which rhymes with 'P' and that stands for PAY-TO-PLAY,") and Mandel has tried attention-grabbing gimmicks such as a limerick contest and auctioning the BPT off on eBay (no one bid on it).  (citypaper, 2005 citypaper Choice Award, November 2, 2005)

While this attention has been exhilarating, the recognition is truly a reflection of the support and involvement of people who are willing to work for reform in a city that needs change so desperately.  Our collective efforts have demonstrated that the power of a good idea — combined with the influence of public voice — becomes a significant force for positive change.  Together, we have helped pass significant legislation, framed public debate, and created a revolution of rising expectations in a city that must expect more if we are to make Philadelphia the city we know it should be.

In the truest sense, all of these accolades for Philadelphia Forward result not from the work of its staff, but from the reaction our work creates from our friends and the response we generate from our supporters.  Philadelphia Forward has no ability to make change.  You have the power.  Your voice makes it happen.  Together, we will bring positive change to the city we love.