Public Voice Will Make The Difference

The fact that Philadelphia Forward has called for tax reform will make no difference.  The fact that the voter-established Tax Reform Commission, the Mayor's handpicked 21st Century Review Forum transition team, and the Mayor's Economic Summit all called for tax reform will make no difference.  The facts, themselves, will make no difference.


The opponents of progress said that we don't need tax reform.  But your voice -- tens of thousands of letters, calls, emails, faxes, and meetings -- convinced them that tax reform will grow jobs in PhiladelphiaThe opponents of tax reform said that we couldn't afford tax reform.  But your voice -- a ceaseless barrage of commentary -- convinced them that we CAN afford tax reform, but we CANNOT afford to lose economic opportunity.   Now your voice will convince the Stubborn Seven on City Council to vote to phase out the job-killing Business Privilege Tax so we can grow jobs in Philadelphia.

City Council needs to know that you will hold them accountable for putting petty politics ahead of growing the city.  We cannot let them play politics when so much is at stake!


Email Council (Right Now) to urge them to say YES to tax reform and NO to petty politics

Call the Stubborn Seven (NOW) to tell them you're counting on their vote to grow jobs...

District 3

Jannie L. Blackwell


District 5

Darrell L. Clarke


District 6

Joan L. Krajewski


District 7

Richard Mariano


District 8

Donna Reed Miller


At Large

Juan F. Ramos


At Large

Blondell Reynolds Brown



If City Council does not hear from the public calling on them to do what is in the public interest, the minority of our elected officials will continue to do their deals in the back rooms to benefit the special interests.  They work for us...make them earn their money by moving Philadelphia forward.