Click Here to TXT FOR TAX REFORM Now  

In its brief existence Philadelphia Forward has been at the vanguard of efforts to provide the public with effective ways to communicate with elected officials.  Our use of internet technology, telecommunications, and traditional organizing have won us national recognition and have changed the way Philadelphians interact with their elected representatives.  Today, we launch an effort to literally allow you to place your thoughts into the palm of your legislator's hand!

On December 15th City Council will vote on legislation to phase out the job-killing Business Privilege Tax to grow jobs in Philadelphia.  Thousands of Philadelphia citizens have spoken out in favor of this critical legislation via phone calls, letters, faxes and emails, but some on City Council are still "undecided." 

Maybe those on City Council who are still "undecided" about tax reform haven't heard the incredible outcry of public voice demanding that we phase out the job-killing Business Privilege Tax to grow jobs in Philadelphia.  Maybe they didn't read the calls for tax reform from the Tax Reform Commission, the Mayor's 21st Century Forum transition team, or the Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority.  Maybe they haven't opened the letters sent by community organizations, haven't seen the faxes sent by business groups, and haven't noticed the emails sent by Philadelphians from every corner of the city.

Now, Philadelphia Forward will allow you to use the (Snd A Txt 2 Cty Cncl!) feature to literally put your views right into the palm of your City Councilmember's hand!  

Philadelphia Forward has created a mechanism so that you can instantly text message undecided at-large members of City Council and deliver your tax reform message directly to their city cell phone so they -- not their staffers -- receive your message.  Maybe they haven't heard you before...they will hear you NOW. 

It’s simple and it’s free.  Please sign up and send a message today—just visit  (use the "Snd A Txt 2 Cty Cncl!" box) fill out the form and click send!

You and thousands of Philadelphians have been emailing, calling and writing letters, but maybe your legislators aren't hearing your voice — it’s time to put your message right into the palm of their hands.  Sign up today and spread the message that Philadelphia needs tax reform.