Council Considers Cut Compromise

In today's Metro (12/14), Wharton Professor Bob Inman (the dean of Philadelphia tax policy research and member of the Mayor's Council of Economic Advisors) said about the job-killing Business Privilege Tax:

[A business owner] would have to be a fool to [be] in the city...It hits start-up businesses and businesses with small profit margins, such as neighborhood retail, the hardest.

The work we've done on historic cuts [to the BPT] shows they bring between 500 and 1,000 jobs a year.  [Inman notes that this change is in relation to natural trends in the economy so if the city is losing 10,000 jobs per year, with a reduction in the tax, rather than lose 10,000 jobs, we'd lose 9,000-9,500.]

In today's Daily News , potential candidates for Mayor in 2007 all expressed support to reduce or phase out the job-killing Business Privilege Tax...

JOHN DOUGHERTY: I support cutting taxes, and the onerous business-privilege tax would be the first to go

DWIGHT EVANS: I would support elimination of it [the BPT]

CHAKA FATTAH: I support reductions in the business-privilege tax

TOM KNOX: While any step toward real tax reform is a good one, I think we can shrink the business-privilege tax faster

MICHAEL NUTTER:  I absolutely support passage of the bill

JONATHAN SAIDEL: I support the systematic reduction of both portions of the business- privilege tax within five years

...but each differed on how exactly the city should proceed. (Full Article )

That is the issue today and what is happening right now behind the scenes at City Council is that Councilmembers are trying to work on a compromise so that, this time, when we pass this legislation, it will actually become the law of the land so we can grow jobs in Philadelphia.

As they are talking compromise they need to hear from you -- RIGHT NOW -- so even if you have reached out before, reach out again (and again) by txt message, phone, fax, and email so they know that you are counting on them to get this done!

FIRST -- TEXT MESSAGE CITY COUNCIL -- use the (Snd A Txt 2 Cty Cncl! ) feature to literally put your views right into the palm of the hands of key undecided Councilmembers  

THEN --  EMAIL CITY COUNCIL... "VOTE FOR BILL 050669-A TO GROW JOBS" so City Council understands your position!

THEN -- Call the Stubborn Seven to tell them you're counting on their vote to grow jobs...


District 3

Jannie L. Blackwell


District 5

Darrell L. Clarke


District 6

Joan L. Krajewski


District 7

Richard Mariano


District 8

Donna Reed Miller


At Large

Juan F. Ramos


At Large

Blondell Reynolds Brown


Even if they have heard from you before...make your voice heard TODAY because this is the day to make a compromise happen!  Believe me, they are hearing your voice.

In just one week, more than 100 Philadelphians have taken advantage of Philadelphia Forward's most empowering use of communications technology.  Dozens every day send a txt message -- their own message, not a form message -- directly to the city cell phones of at-large councilmembers who are currently "undecided" about whether to phase out the job-killing Business Privilege Tax to grow jobs in Philadelphia.   These message -- each unique and in the words of the sender -- have been a powerful way to communicate directly with elected representatives in the most unfiltered manner possible.

Think Philadelphians don't understand what tax reform is all about?  Read these txt messages:

Council, PLEASE eliminate the BPT! There is no more important job than building the economy. Vote!

Please support tax reform so the city can prosper by attracting needed business and residents.

Think only teens use txt messaging?  Read these txt message:

Do th rite thng! Tx Reform now! Don't W8! thanks Michael McGettigan Philadelphian since 1954

I have been a resident of Philadelphia all my life. I am starting my own corporation but in Philly?  

Think our elected officials will get the message?  Read these txt messages:

Mr. Ramos, Ms. Reynolds Brown: eliminate the BPT or I will not vote for you ever again I'm a Democrat

I need you to vote for BILL 050669-A if you want me to consider voting for you.


You have the ability now to Snd A Txt 2 Cty Cncl!  and put your views in their hands!  You have the power to help make change in Philadelphia.  The power is in your hands...put your views in their hands!