Tax Reform and the Budget: It Comes Down To This...

It comes down to this...City Council has all but finished its formal consideration of the budget and now our elected officials will retreat behind closed doors to cut their deals and decide how to spend our budget surplus.  (By the way, dontcha just love how Philadelphia Forward  was right when we said there would be a budget surplus despite the hysterical misinformation being circulated by the opponents of tax reform last spring?)

If additional tax reform is going to be part of this budget, City Council needs to hear from you. 

  • Some opponents of tax reform for all are pushing special tax breaks for certain businesses -- you must tell them that tax reform cannot be all for some and none for all. 
  • Some opponents of tax reform who said they would be for tax reform if it did not mean cuts in services must be reminded that we have a surplus and it is time for them to come clean and make it happen. 
  • Those for tax reform must be reminded that you are counting on them to make tax-reform a deal breaker for the budget vote.

Contact your district Councilperson and all the at-large members so they know where you stand...

We need at least five years of legislated cuts to both the gross receipts and net income portions of the BPT and a long-term plan to phase out the job-killing Business Privilege Tax!

Let them know your support for them in 2007 depends on their support for the issues you care about today.



City Councilmembers

  • District 1 — The Honorable Frank DiCicco — 215.686.3458
  • District 2 — The Honorable Anna C. Verna — 215.686.3412
  • District 3 — The Honorable Jannie L. Blackwell — 215.686.3418
  • District 4 — The Honorable Michael A. Nutter — 215.686.3416
  • District 5 — The Honorable Darrell L. Clarke — 215.686.3442
  • District 6 — The Honorable Joan L. Krajewski — 215.686.3444
  • District 8 — The Honorable Donna Reed Miller — 215.686.3424
  • District 9 — The Honorable Marian B. Tasco —215.686.3454
  • District 10 — The Honorable Brian J. O’Neill — 215.686.3422
  • At-Large — The Honorable Wilson Goode, Jr. — 215.686.3414
  • At-Large — The Honorable Jack Kelly — 215.686.3452
  • At-Large — The Honorable James F. Kenney — 215.686.3450
  • At-Large — The Honorable Juan F. Ramos   — 215.686.3420
  • At-Large — The Honorable Blondell Reynolds Brown — 215.686.3438
  • At-Large — The Honorable Frank Rizzo — 215.686.3440

Send a message by email -- LET THEM KNOW YOU ARE COUNTING ON THEM