The Next Mayor On Tax Reform

Wondering which of the candidates for Mayor are tax reformers?  Reading their comments, it is clear that each understand the need for tax reform, but you can decide for yourself who will walk the walk and who is just talking the talk.

In December, 2005, the Daily News produced this article "Top mayoral hopefuls sound off on business-privilege tax," detailing candidates' views and each candidate agreed on the need for tax reform, but differed on their approaches.

At the end of 2006, the Philadelphia Business Journal offered each candiate the chance to expand their views and detail their plans for tax reforms.  Think you know which mayoral candidate said, "The business privilege tax would be my first point of attack.  It is an anti-business tax and the single greatest deterrent to the influx of new businesses into the market or to the growth of existing businesses.  I would make it a thing of the past."  Read the candidates views in their own words.  You may be surprised by the answers.