The Virtual You CAN Fight City Hall Event

Philadelphia Forward awarded the second-annual "FORWARD THINKER" awards at its You CAN Fight City Hall event.  On April 12, 2007, at the Legendary Blue Horizon, Philadelphia reformers and members of Philadelphia Forward's growing constituency for change helped celebrate and cultivate the push for reform in Philadelphia.  If you missed it, or want to relive the event, we present the virtual You CAN Fight City Hall event where you can view photos of the event and watch a video of highlights from the night.

You CAN Fight City HallImages 

Former Top Heavyweight Contender and Philly favorite, Marvis Frazier welcomes fight fans to the Legendary Blue Hoizon

Philadelphia Forward
 Executive Director Brett Mandel plays the role of ring announcer for the evening

Philadelphia Forward
made the evening one that fight fans would not forget

In the late rounds of the fight, the crowd was looking for a knockout!

Philadelphia Forward
Board Member Edmund Goppelt Presents Mary "The SCRUB Club" Tracy with a Forward Thinker Award (and a "You CAN Fight City Hall" Championship Belt)

Philadelphia Forward
Outreach Coordinator Fareeda Mabry Presents Tony "The Frankford Arsenal" Payton, Jr. with a Forward Thinker Award (and a "You CAN Fight City Hall" Championship Belt)

Philadelphia Forward
Board Member Robert Nix Accepts a Forward Thinker Award (and a "You CAN Fight City Hall" Championship Belt) on behalf of Pat "The US Attorney Who Will Put You On A Gurney" Meehan

Philadelphia Forward
Board Member Stewart Weintraub Presents Judee "Punchin' Judy" von Seldeneck with a Forward Thinker Award (and a "You CAN Fight City Hall" Championship Belt)

Member of the Daily News editorial board and colunmist Elmer Smith moderated a panel discussion with Payton, Tracy, and von Seldeneck from within the squared circle of the Legendary Blue Horizon

Tony Payton, Jr.

Judith von Seldeneck

Mary Tracy

The diverse constituency for change in Philadelphia includes representatives from every corner of the city

Attendees not only enjoyed the presentation, they took home a memorable trinket -- a You CAN Fight City Hall boxing glove key chain

The packed house enjoyed the discussion and the post-fight reception with so many enthusiastic Philadelphians

The group enjoyed food and drinks and lively discussions, connecting with reformers across the political spectrum

Philadelphia Forward
Board Member Colleen Puckett announces the decision from the ring:  "You CAN Fight City Hall -- but YOU have to get involved!"

The participants, joined again by former contender Marvis Frazier mug it up for the cameras as part of the post-fight celebration in the ring

Thank you for enjoying our virtual You CAN Fight City Hall event.  While admission to the virtual event was free, you can use the button below to make a real contribution to support the push for change in Philadelphia.

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