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You Should Know About Philadelphia Forward
You should know about Philadelphia Forward and the push for reform in Philadelphia. (Your Name) hopes you will visit to learn more about work of Philadelphia Forward and the push for change. If you sign up as a member, you can receive Philadelphia Forward's timely updates and access to all of Philadelphia Forward's informational materials. Philadelphia Forward is a citizens' organization formed to educate about measures to transform Philadelphia - from a city that is growing older, poorer, and fewer - into a vibrant city that is a preferred place to live, work, and visit. The organization is building a constituency for change that will promote a revolution of rising expectations and advocate for policies like tax reform, ethics reform, campaign finance reform, and budget reform to move Philadelphia forward. This is why you should know about this effort and get involved. If the same old politicians are listening to the same old special interests, Philadelphia will have the same old problems and the same old decline. We need new people educated about the need for change and new voices involved in the process if change is to happen and if Philadelphia is to have a chance to grow and become the city we know it can be. Together...we can move Philadelphia forward.